meal-deal_smallpost-template-frontmeal-deal_smallpost-template-back Radical hospitality as an expression of grace in our community

If you are looking for a hospitality based outreach initiative, that can involve lots of people in the church, that makes a real impact on people and builds the reputation of the church as a loving, caring community, then maybe MEAL DEAL is worth considering.

It works by offering a main meal for a week to the family of a new mum, or to someone who has just come out of hospital.  Church members are signed up to support the MEAL DEAL initiative, and when a recipient is identified, people are circulated via email/text to offer a meal for one of the days requested. The co-ordinator will put together a schedule, identify any dietary requirement and agree the times and numbers being catered for.  The meal provider will deliver the meal to the recipient at the agreed time, and collect the previous days pots and trays etc, to be returned to their owner.

The MEAL DEAL initiative can be as small or large scale as the church wants it to be.  Postcards can be used as a means of communicating the idea, and just handed out one by one, for example to new mums in the toddler group. Or they could be distributed more widely through other groups inside and outside of the church. Good advice might be to start small and build from there.


  • A co-ordinator or co-ordinators are required
  • Church members are signed up to offer a meal when they can. A typical meal for the family would be a main course and desert, and maybe something to drink
  • Meals are offered ‘no strings attached’ – that’s the deal!




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