The start . . .

Starting as the Circuit Evangelism Enabler in the Gordano Valley Circuit . . .

I have served with Counties as the LIFE Exhibition Co-ordinator for the last 10 years. Most of this time has been working exclusively with the LIFE Exhibition, a high-tech multi-media exhibition about the life of Jesus, that complements the Key Stage 2 Curriculum. More recently I have been responsible for developing a new Counties resource called the Key to Life? experience and I will continue with Counties part-time until the end of the year to help develop this new resource. It has been a privilege working with Counties evangelists, and we have made some great friends. I will always be grateful to Counties for the great opportunities I have had and for helping me to grow in my faith.

And now from September  I will begin my work with the Gordano Valley Methodist Circuit as Evangelism Enabler. I will be working with the 8 churches in the Circuit, and I am thrilled and excited by this new challenge. I will be using this blog to share stories, resources and encouragement along the way.

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